Vascular Lesions

What are Vascular Lesions?

Many patients complain of small red veins on the face (cheeks, chin, & nose). In some cases these veins may be blue in color. Often times, patients are given the wrong diagnosis of rosacea.

Facial spider veins in most cases are the results of sun exposure although environmental, hereditary, and hormonal factors may be present.

How are Vascular Lesions Treated?

The treatment for these veins is quite simple and consists of heat therapy. This may be from a laser, intense pulse light, or ohmic thermolysis. One to three treatments is typically necessary.

The complications are minimal and usually consist of mild skin redness or very tiny areas of skin crusts that disappear quickly.

During treatment, you should avoid sun exposure. Sunscreen should be used even during the winter. These veins can reoccur and yearly re-treatments may be needed.

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